Wordless Wednesday- Seen from my front door.

Spring arrives in two days time – on the first day of September

Not too sure about that – if the forecast temps and these photos are to believed

~ ~ ~ ~

 Sunday 27 August 2017 8.25 am – Freezing cold (3c/37f) Wet

 Blue skies masked by very black rain clouds.

 Monday 28 August 2017 8.25am – Freezing cold (3c/37f) Foggy

No sky to be seen!

 Oh, Spring – I’m really hoping you wrote that date on your calendar 😊

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14 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday- Seen from my front door.”

  1. The Candlemas day poem said six extra weeks of winter.
    So I’m guessing the could will continue a little while yet


  2. We had a bit of cool weather the last week or so and I was really enjoying it. Now we deal with summer’s last hurrah and unwelcome humidity. Very odd weather here yesterday, no matter where I went it started to rain and you could see the sun ahead and behind you. Lovely photo with the sun peeping down in the top photo.


  3. I have learnt that the seasons keep their own calendar. We are expecting warmer days, but the nights will be v chilly. I am happy to welcome Spring – but hope she blocks the door and doesn’t allow summer in too early.


  4. It is looking like spring, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Pretty, you have blossoms already!


  5. we had some brilliant stuff, just yesterday – Tuesday but today Wednesday, well my last comments revealed it’s not the day to leave the “ranch” …


  6. Nice photos, it’s been hot the last few days here in London which is very unusual but it’s literally the opposite now it changes so quick it will be getting dark early soon too arrghh!

    Have a springishtastic day heheh!


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