It’s back….

After a bit of a break it’s back.

 Definitely not as frequent or in the numbers that was arriving weeks ago but it’s definitely back.  

Reading about the amount other bloggers receive I will be the first to admit mine is minimal.  

Never the less it’s back!

Does this look familiar to anyone?

I took this screen shot last week – unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be as clear here as in ‘real life’

They’ve upped the ante since then and there’s loads more now.


 Who are they – Why do they do it – What do they get out of it?

Thank goodness it goes in the spam folder 

Click at your peril I think!



13 thoughts on “It’s back….

  1. I have been mega attacked of late and it goes on an on. Why isn’t Blogger and Word Press doing something about it? I expect it is because most bloggers are old and no longer a target market.


    1. Andrew I’m not sure what else Blogger and WordPress can do. At least here (w/press) they go into a spam folder rather than on the blog but it’s annoying to see them all the same


  2. I had a few suspicious comments. But they have gone again I don’t have a huge following so I guess I’m safe


  3. I don’t get as many as I used to get but a few fall through the crack in the floor every day. My filter puts them all in the spam folder and I regularly delete them. Why they do it is to increase traffic to their sites so that their rating goes up when their blogs are monetised.


  4. In WordPress, under settings/discussion there is a configuration that works for me:

    Before a comment appears
    Before a comment appears Comment must be manually approved
    Comment author must have a previously approved comment

    I check the second option, comment author must have a previously approved comment. Spam doesn’t really arrive where I see it. Anyone with a real comment gets approved.


    1. First timers are moderated on my blog – these are not regular bloggers Maggie but spammers (real or robotic) with nothing to say but rubbish. Thankfully wordpress senses who they are and puts the ‘comment’ into the spam folder. I do have to physically empty that folder but it does give me the chance to see if any ‘real’ comment has gone there by mistake.


  5. occasionally I get something – I get quite a bit from time to time – on another space, I used to use – it’s kinda of funny because they spam a post of say 5 years ago…


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