Learn to stand on their own two feet….

So the baby came to visit.

The 6 month old baby that quickly turned us into gibberish speaking fools 😊

The baby that wormed his way into the heart of the man who once asked me

‘Why do people treat babies and children like new toys’

This hard hearted at times but biggest softie most of the time man rightly or wrongly holds the opinion that children won’t get anywhere in life if they don’t learn to stand on their own two feet!

So once he had succumbed to the charms of his first Great Grandson it appeared he felt Bentley needed a bit of early help in learning that skill.

Educational play he called it lol

Looks like he taught him well 😊








The sad thing is that this little lad might need that skill much earlier than most do because his mum and dad have decided to go their own ways.  Luckily they have lots of family and friend support in their own city as well as the baby talking eejits down here in Melbourne 😊😊

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  1. Haha. So cute! We all turn into eejits when there is a baby around, and we just happy about it? 😀


  2. That is some sad news in what was a happy post. It seems the older you get, the more absurd your talk to babies becomes. But talking to them is one of the best things you can do.


    1. Yes Andrew sad indeed. We had an inkling but not that it was so serious but theres not a lot we can do down here ‘cept be there if needed. Absurd talk didn’t used to be us yet we both fell into the eejit description when he came near us 😊


    1. I had the same thoughts Cathy yet it seems the father’s family have the baby one day over the weekend so he gets to see him if he comes home. Our granddaughter has full custody and has stated she doesn’t want Bentley to be with him on his own. And yes the words mushy and babies go together 😊


    1. We’ll have to wait to see what life has in store for the little one Ramana. Hopefully he won’t have too many difficulties along the way. There are many family members to protect him if it does get a bit rough though. At the moment he is a definite Mt Personality with a very becoming smile 😊


    1. Hello Gram – I have no qualms about Bentley’s care. It’s our linguistic skills that need looking at – coochy coochy who’s a good baby?? 😊😊


  3. my niece split with her partner some years ago, and the arrangements were fraught for quite some time, even though the 2 kids were older. Then came a different sort of arrangement, they live week about with the parents (who live rather close to one another) – they seem to walk out of one house with clothes on their backs and go to the other house, where another set of clothes await them.

    I think there are some overlapping objects but there appears to be no problem getting say the cricket bat or bike from one place to the other…

    the partner shares in all their activities so I get to see him at many of the events, that i attend…it does seem to work, now…

    (my marriage produced no children, even though we tried…long story why things didn’t pan out in the family mode; and now we have been split since the early 1990s)


    1. Your niece’s strategy seems to be a popular one – over here at least. I have two friends who have grandchildren living in the same manner 1 week here and 1 week there. Seemingly the kids find it easier as well. More settled than a weekend here and there.

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      1. yes, I do believe, it was hard for each to accept these (w/end or school hols) earlier arrangement, the kids are not moving all that far from a home base/school friends…and they get I think to understand the logistics of life at the same time.

        Their Dad has a new woman in his life, but they also have own houses – so maybe it’s the way some lives pan out…my niece hasn’t gone down that avenue, I think she’s had the odd fling.

        I haven’t gone got a new partner, I had a few odd flings in the beginning, but somehow I just needed a complete break. I have a number of good friends of both sexes but nothing in the true loving line…

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