Words for Wednesday (on Thursday)

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme where words are provided as prompts – bloggers are encouraged to make what they can of them.

This month River is providing the words.  Here is my effort for this week

Tom and Tim 2 – More Time with the Twins

Tom was in a very pensive mood that evening. It was near dusk – that time of the day when it is neither day nor dark – and as he looked out of the window his mind slipped back many years to another dusky evening. His mother and Tim featured in his thoughts as well as Vera.

Vera, who later was to become the love of his life, had first appeared on Tim’s arm at the B&S Ball in the country town where they were living at the time.

Their father had been thrown from a horse and being unable to work meant their mother had to turn her hand to all sorts of things to pay the bills. Her love of knitting enabled her to spin from the fleece of their own sheep and sell the hand knits on market day. She was also a talented seamstress having the knack of being able to look at a picture in a magazine, take some measurements, agree on a day, and at the allocated time hand over a perfectly fitting finished garment

Reflecting on their turbulent upbringing trying to cope with an angry invalid father Tom remembered that however slapdash and indifferent his mother to them she was well known for her love of unusual fabrics as well as her desire to give her customers ‘perfection to die for’. That was her slogan – unfortunately perfection, unusual fabrics along with curiosity would cause havoc on the night of the ball.

The twin’s mother had made most of the dresses the local girls wore but not Vera’s.  So when, just as the light was failing at dusk on a warm summer’s evening, this vision of loveliness dressed in the most exquisite amethyst coloured silk gown made from fabric so fine it resembled gossamer floated into the hall on Tim’s arm there was gasp from all the local girls.

Right there and then Tom had a funny feeling something was going to happen – and sure enough it did.

Tim introduced Vera to all and sundry knowing his mother was over in the kitchen and would be itching to find out what was happening. The committee had decided pork roasts were to be cooked for supper and she, as well as chatting away with the other kitchen helpers, was supervising some youngsters who were slicing apples to make the accompanying sauce.

Making their way round the room they had stopped by the kitchen door to talk with old Trevor about the security that had been arranged for all the utes (and dogs) out in the paddock serving as a car park when Vera let out a scream.

Tom rushed over to find that Mother, fortified by a couple of port and lemons drunk earlier with the other ladies, had lifted the hem of Vera’s exquisite dress to examine the fine gossamer like material just as Mrs T walking past with a roasting pan slipped on some of the apple sauce dropped by one of youngsters and deposited one rather large pork roast onto the back of the dress by way of bouncing off the top of Vera’s very modern back combed beehive hairdo!

Oh it was perfect! Mother Vera and Mrs T cried in unison.

What was perfect? cried Tom

The dress – cried Mother.

My hair – cried Vera.

The roast – cried Mrs T

Why don’t you make your way over to River’s and see what other have contributed.

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