Definitions of Concentration….

Definitions of Concentration

* The act or process of concentrating especially the fixing of close undivided attention

* Intense mental application: complete attention.


Can you do several things at once or are you a one thing at a time person?

Are you able to concentrate with loads of things going on around you or do you need peace and quiet to hear yourself think?

I need quiet to do bookwork and certain crafts yet if I’m in the car I need the window open to hear the other traffic so I can concentrate on the road and know what’s going on around me.

If only the person driving two cars behind me had remembered that definition* the other day as we were approaching a red light – before giving me the fright of my life by slamming into the back of the car between them and me.  Quick thinking by the driver of the middle car meant he swerved slightly and missed me by a whisker!

It’s Monday and I’m still muttering about it!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cross stitch is a craft that needs my undivided attention – otherwise I end up miscounting  I should learn from experience it is hard to concentrate when The Golfer is nearby and in a ‘silly mood’ 😊

Come the winter Kiera concentates on giving the fire her undivided attention 😊

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11 thoughts on “Definitions of Concentration….

  1. I used to be able to do a few things at once. But not so much these days
    The old computer in the head is going much slower and I really think I need to reboot more often lol


  2. I am a male and I can only single task. and I need to concentrate with quiet around me. I can’t bear traffic noise in the car, and so have the windows up. I can half watch a less absorbing tv programme while using the computer, but really, I am switching between tasks, not doing both at once.


  3. If I need to concentrate it has to be the first task of the day after getting up, could be emails, letters, phone call, tricky bit of knitting or sewing and quiet is required. Other than that I am a multi tasker, lets face it you have to be if bringing up more than one child.


  4. Love your photo sitting beside the sea. I would get nothing much done – just gaze at the sea! My days of doing more than one thing at once are long gone, but I did manage to do a blog post this week. Blessings from Freda


  5. Loved all of this. I personally think all of that divided attention /multi-tasking stuff is a scam. I don’t really believe people can do anything correctly when they’re doing more than one thing at a time. And as for the cross stitch… I find needlework so calming… I don’t even want to do it unless I can be in a peaceful place alone. So glad you made it through the driving incident (virtually) unscathed!


  6. some days I’m good at multiple tasking – but other days best not to attempt anything – unless I want something to boil over on the stove, or similar.

    I have decided that I don’t actually have to multi-anything nowadays so that’s a bit of a relieft…\


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