Just look what happens……

Now this is for your eyes only

Don’t you tell anyone I showed you 😊

Can you see what happens when I take my eye off the ball for a few days

 Yes, a change comes over the ‘usually’ tidy house

Certainly not a good look 😒

No wonder I can’t find room to cook lol

We had some sunshine outside and who wants to do housework??

Certainly not me 😎

Don’t worry I’ll get round to it

 Sometime 😊😊

12 thoughts on “Just look what happens……

  1. Love the ‘Round Tuit ‘! 😆 My house is still tidy after a good tidy up before the family descended for dinner on Thursday night…but how long will it stay that way???lol
    Years ago a workmate confided that she had lots of dinner parties as that ensured she tidied up on a regular basis…wonder if that changed when she had children??


  2. I’m not even showing you my house. With the extra people and all their stuff there are boxes and things all over the place!
    But like you. Once they are gone I’ll get round tuit!


  3. I am a firm believer that one hundred years from now, no one will remember if my house was tidy or not. 😀


  4. last week, I had someone coming to quote on something – and I didn’t want to see that a 4-pile stack of banana boxes were off to the side in the living room – they had moved out here, when I was looking for something behind them in my “semi-storage room” – so I moved them back to said room, and somehow opened up a space for them!

    Now I have a newer smaller pile, but that hopefully moving off site tomorrow, as a gift to someone who if fundraising for a school trip…

    My kitchen is so small, that just about anytime I made anything requiring too many bowls – I have wash up fast and put things away. It’s very difficult not actually having any bench space other than the 2 stainless steel sides to the sink!


  5. Every time I tidy the house and it looks lovely I vow that I will keep it that way but of course I never do. I hate untidyness but also hate housework. We’ve minimised most things and got less clutter than we used to have but the floors and washing still have to be done. boo hoo.


  6. If I did not have a housekeeper coming every other Wednesday, my house would look a lot worse than what you have shown here. I work harder cleaning up for her than she does cleaning the whole house.


  7. I need a “Round Tuit” sign in my house…I feel your pain! Always better things to do and the housework fairy has let me down this week .🙄 and don’t worry I won’t tell a soul x


  8. I like tidy but I am fundamentally not a tidy person so it takes effort. If ever there is something more fun on offer, I do tend to do it instead of housework. Don’t feel guilty because you are enjoying life. Eloise thisissixty.blog,


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