Trying a new blogging app….

Lately (when using my iPad) I’ve been having minor problems with the wordpress site as well as their app and even contemplated moving back to Blogger/blogspot until I remembered Blogger discontinued their ‘free’ app – and being the tight a*** that I am I refuse to buy it.

Anyway I’ve discovered one that might possibly be useful when the other is playing up.  It’s a freebie called BlogPad Pro.

I’m not looking for anything elaborate just something where I can start, save and then come back and edit, maybe add a piccie or two and not go through too many hoops to do so.  One thing that appeals to me is that it seems I can draft posts off line, then when I have internet access move them to ‘Live’ before publishing.  Would/Will be handy when travelling.

Playing with it is a learning curve – simple but not simple. Let see how it goes 😊



9 Replies to “Trying a new blogging app….”

  1. Good luck I don’t seem to have patience trying to learn new things but it is worth a try. At least you are open to learn.


  2. I didn’t know they were charging – or is this maybe for folks with iPads? Always something new, jeesh!


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