A Lingering look at Windows on Fogo Island……

Fogo island – a small island off the northern coast of Newfoundland


One of the places we visited on our last trip (2013) to see The Golfer’s extended family in the Maritimes. We took a quick walk up the street from our B&B in Fogo and disovered this beautiful old house full of windows and turrets.

We stood there for a while trying to capture each and every aspect of this wonderful house

Side views showed a change in colour – weathering no doubt from years of sun, snow, storms and sea air.

Windows in every conceivable place – long cold winters mean less daylight

   The decorative gables, shaped shingles in the upstairs attic area and finials on the turrets and roof gave it a gingerbread house look.

   We would have liked to have seen the other end (on the right hand side) but the curtains twitched and we knew we might overstay our welcome.

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A lingering look at Windows

She posts on the first Thursday of each month but participants are welcome at any time.


5 thoughts on “A Lingering look at Windows on Fogo Island……

  1. It likes such a fun house. I expect the owners would be quite used to it being photographed, although perhaps not if the area doesn’t have too many visitors.


  2. Love that house!
    I bet if you had stayed longer you might of meet a few law enforcement officers and had some quick explaining to do lol


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