You learn something new every day…..

He first came into my life at the end of June 2011 and I wrote about my feelings at that time, the time of our first meeting.

I named him Lance (2) just like his predecessor and we have travelled many many kilometres together in all sorts of weather- mostly good but also some that could be classed as bad.

However this past Tuesday morning was the first time he showed how much he cared for me (and my safety) and made me laugh when he did so 😊

Just as an aside last week (not this one just gone but the one before)  was a rotter of a week.  No details really needed ‘cept to say The Golfer fancied a ride in an ambulance at 2am  on the Tuesday morning, spent most of the day in A&E at Maroondah then was transferred to Box Hill. There were several days when Lance and I shared time constantly driving up and down Whitehorse Road to Box Hill Hospital so I could say ‘Hello and how are you today’.  Exhausting for all us!

I didn’t really notice the weather (that’s a first for me!) until this Tuesday when I decided it was time to freshen up and get the body back into gear again by spending some time at the pool.  It was about 7.30am and a bit on the chilly side when I climbed into Lance and turned the key – up pops a little symbol on the dashboard suggesting the roads might be icy!  What was that – I’d never seen that warning before.

The temp on the dashboard said 3c, ok, ‘they’ had suggested 5c for our neighbourhood, obviously ‘they’ were out by a degree or two, can’t get it right all the time can ‘they’ lol  Not an icy road to be seen anywhere tho’  The same thing happened when I got back in to drive home.

So I dug around the glovebox, found the handbook and there it was on the right hand side, at the top of page 55 in Instruments and controls.

The very same little symbol!

Well well – would you look at that.  The cause of that little warning coming on is because the outside temp is 3c/37f or lower.  Looks like Lance 2 decided to use it for the first time – only took him 6 years to find out where the switch was 😊😊

Yes, whether you want to or not, you could learn something new each day!

8 thoughts on “You learn something new every day…..

  1. Hope hubby is on the mend.
    Yup the first time I saw that symbol I too looked it up
    I was quite surprised. I thought. How stupid does this car think I am!
    Anyway. I stepped outside and yup I’m stupid. I slipped on the icy ground!
    I’m sure my car was laughing at me lol


  2. I hope all is well with The Golfer now. Isn’t that interesting about the light. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Just shows how cold it has been this year.


  3. I agree with everyone re: the goffer… When I moved house, my microwave just refused to have the “time” on it’s dial – as it’s a handmedown/no instructions, I haven’t ever fathomed out why…maybe the m/wave thought I didin’t need the exact – and maybe indirectly it was right…


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