The Blonde and the….

I’ve been back on the family history trail again this past week.  Delving into census can be really interesting because as well as giving an idea of family size and circumstances it also provides information on occupations.

I was talking about this with a friend and for some reason the talk turned to our first jobs and how all the things related to those jobs that had sounded so easy were in the beginning so hard to grasp.  (You have to remember this was quite a while ago when the office junior was given what girls these days might think were menial things to do). Anyway one of her duties was to make tea/coffee for ‘the bosses’ and she had me in stitches as she recalled that simple task and all the mistakes she made.  ‘You’d have thought I was a dumb blonde (her words) instead of someone with high marks in all my secretarial studies’ she said!

And all this leads up to a couple of Blonde Jokes I came across the other day 😊

The Blonde and the Census Taker

The census taker rang the doorbell and was greeted by an attractive blonde woman.  He explained he was from the Census Bureau and wanted to know how many people were in the family.

Let me see, she said, twirling a strand of her hair in her fingers, there’s me, my husband and our children Beth, Steven, Aaron, Janice, Caroline, Will…

We’re not interested in names, the census taker interrupted, numbers will be sufficient.

Oh no, we don’t use numbers, the blonde replied, we haven’t run out of names yet!

The Blonde and the Coffee Thermos

A young blonde had just started her first job and was very eager to please.  One of her first jobs was to go out for coffee so she walked to a nearby coffee shop carrying a large thermos flask.

When the barista finally noticed her she held up the thermos and asked ‘Is this big enough to hold 6 cups of coffee’

The barista looked at the flask, hesitated for a few seconds, then finally said, ‘Yeah it looks like about 6 cups to me’

‘Good’ she said,

‘Give me two regular, two black, and two decaf’


I love Blonde Jokes – they help with Monday Mutters and Moans

For a good part of a former life I was a Blonde and I was always muttering on a Monday – about how I wished it was Fun Friday 🙂 🙂 🙂

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18 thoughts on “The Blonde and the….

  1. Well for the short time I was a blond I definitely had more fun!
    In my first job as a junior I too had to make the boss’s coffee. And sweep out the front of the bank!
    Couldn’t see anyone of this generation doing that

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    1. Taken in the late 80s at the hospital ‘entertain the local GPs evening’Andrew. My hour at the ‘bar’. I’m not sure why that glass was in the non alcoholic punch bowl but I know I had slipped some of the champers into the glass I was holding (and then drank). The staff were to have the punch – guests the champers!


  2. great post, great jokes – I was never a blond but one of older sister was a peroxide blond.

    So I think I will tell you a story about that little bottle in the bathroom cupboard. My sister has come home from UK for a few months, and Dad, had noticed that S regularly combed this stuff through her hair. So he thought he would too…

    One day Mum asked him how his hair (he had very little at time) was now shining and looked blonder. So he took her into the bathroom and showed him this little bottle. He has assumed it was some type of conditioner…. 🙂

    Everyone thought it was a hoot except Mum who was absolutely shocked that her mature daughter S would even stoop to such a product!

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  3. Hum, my son has a first class degree, but had to admit on his first day he couldn’t take part in the coffee/tea making rota because he doesn’t drink either and had no idea what to do. The firm taught him!!


    1. Sounds like the company hierarchy got the better of him! How long was it before his promotion and handing over tea pot duties?


  4. Thanks for the laugh. My favourite blonde joke – though I don’t really approve of belittling a whole group of people – is:

    Two blondes are sitting on the porch on a summer’s evening. One says to the other: “Which is closer, Florida or the moon?” Her friend replies: “Duh! Can you see Florida?!”


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