Black or White? Sugar – with or without

Gosh it’s been a while hasn’t it – since we – as in – you, me and everyone else, got together for coffee and cake

If we were sitting there enjoying each other’s company I’d be able to tell you the past couple of weeks have been entertaining to say the least 😊😊

The day after Dunkirk was released here The Golfer and I managed to get to a local showing.  I went along so we’d get full use of a Christmas gift card (being dated 12 months unless there are films that interest us it’s a case of ‘use it or lose it’) and had thought I’d have a snooze in the comfy reclining seats during any ‘blood and gore’ scenes.  I knew the background to that event in WW2 but what I thought was going to be another war film turned out to be anything but. Great entertainment- Go and see it if you can.  Some of you may remember me telling you a couple of years ago about a tiny cafe we’d discovered in Healesville – – well just by chance I was looking for a spot for to meet another friend and found they have opened a new ‘branch’ not too far from us in Kilsyth. Very trendy, good light Italian styled food., good coffee, no pressure to order again even though we must have sat there ‘chatting’ for about an hour.  There are so many coffee shops come cafes opening up in the eastern suburbs it’s hard to know how they manage to stay in business.  Must be the ever growing number of retirees looking for new ones to try each month lol. The elderly residents at the nursing home never fail to entertain me.  The Musical Memories activity I help organise weekly is on hold for the time being while we have school children come in to form a ‘shared choir’ with the residents.  Such great fun for them all helping each other with words and actions then followed by a small morning tea.  Problem is it starts at 10am …. the time the ‘tea trolley’ usually begins to make its way round resident’s rooms …. and seeing cups, saucers and goodies laid out on the table (to be enjoyed later) was just too much for one lady who certainly didn’t want to miss out.  The activities ‘lady’ asked if they knew what a warm up was and quick as a wink she calls out ‘Yes, that’s what happens to me when I have my morning cuppa’. No way was she singing until she’d had her cup of tea so she went back to her room to take it from the trolley, then happy as Larry turned up half an hour later to join in with everyone else – AND then had another cup at the end 😊 😊And here’s something that still has me laughing even though I still can’t get over the cheek of it.  One of my loves is singing and I joined a second choir at the beginning of this year. Under the banner of that university of the third age it wasn’t quite as formal as my other one; it was a fun couple of hours each week which I was enjoying.  I mentioned I’d be away cruising all of April, that’s fine.  Came home crook and took quite a few weeks to recover, that’s fine.  Now nearly mid year and looking forward to the next six months.  Imagine my surprise when I get an email last week telling me I’ve been unenrolled because of lack of attendance – honestly if it wasn’t so ridiculous it would be funny.

That’s Entertainment I suppose

Top of the bill one week – Sweeping the floor the next 😊

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  1. There are two big chains of coffee shops here. One is the franchisee of Starbucks and the other is a home grown one called Cafe Coffee Day now affectionately called CCD. The former ensures that people do not tarry too long by providing extremely uncomfortable furniture to sit on and after trying twice, I have stopped going to them. The latter increasingly becoming popular with the tarrying types, makes for waiting lines and so I have stopped going there either. I prefer the multiplex cinema halls for my coffee breaks now.


  2. Lol. Unenrolled indeed! I giess people can’t have lives outside informal choirs.

    We hope to see Dunkirk this weekend!


    1. Looking forward to your thoughts on the film Marie. Some seem to have ‘loved’ it – others felt it wasn’t ‘quite right’


  3. I have joined various groups over the years and often I failed to attend some of them regularly, but I never remember being unenrolled. Had you paid for the course?


  4. I have joined various groups over the years and often I failed to attend some of them regularly, but I never remember being unenrolled. Had you paid for the course?


    1. Yes Annie it was a (minimal) paid activity – mainly to cover insurance purposes. Seems I wasn’t the only one either. Just a way of a leader lacking in confidence showing off. Doubt there be as many enrolments next year.


  5. coffee, cafes and such like stores are extremely popular here, some are like a “hole in the wall with very little seating” through to quite large entities, many have in/outside areas – some are chains whilst others quiet privately owned, some attached to retail stores. Some sell only a branded type of coffee, so if you want Allpress/similar you could probably find it somewhere close by.

    I actually can’t stand the hot beverages in these places but most have a cold drinks cabinet. I decided in the end it was the way the “steamed the milk” – because I’m okay at home with no steamed milk.


    1. We get to know our limitations and acting on them is to our own benefit Cathy. It’s a bit like asking for a coffee in a pub. Sounds strange asking for water in a coffee shop but hey it’s business and they’re not going to knock it back!

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  6. Unenrolled from an informal choir. Oh my. They may lose enrollment treating people that way. The shared choir with the children and residents sounds like a lot of fun.


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