Well colour me green….

Colour me green, she said.  Why did she say that?  It’s a secret she said!

Mind you these two below were really green when this B/W was taken in July 1960.  I had just met The Golfer – he was 21 and I was 17

We were young, naive and very innocent.

He must have made a good impression because Dad said ok to his request and we’re still going out on dates years later. 😊

The one below was when we went to a Neil Diamond concert at the Rod Laver arena in 2015.

Don’t think I’ll trade him in now – he brings me a cuppa in bed most mornings and I don’t think I could get the gold ring off my finger – it’s been there for 56 years now and feels very very comfortable  ❤️ ❤️

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Some of my lady friends were talking about us ‘love birds’ the other day and I said it hadn’t been all ‘love and kisses’, we’d had our differences over the years.  All that feisty Irish blood in my veins made me hard to live with at times but we’d worked out our differences – well it was more like me realising neither of us was perfect and I wasn’t right all the time 😊

This little group is made up of ladies of various ages and one of the older ones says  the funniest things at times; things she’s seen or heard on the tv, her computer or heard grandchildren say.  There was a lull in the conversation and she suddenly said – ‘Well you could colour me green, green with envy’

Asked what that was about she just laughed and said ‘it’s a secret’.

Then she (a widow of many years) let slip – ‘you’ve got someone to cuddle and I don’t’.  It seems that out of the 365 days of the year, the day we’d chosen to get together had been her wedding anniversary and she suddenly felt lonely!

(She did assure me The Golfer is safe – not sure what she meant by that 😊😊)

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12 thoughts on “Well colour me green….

  1. What a handsome young couple………..and older too of course. To have a long term successful relationship takes work at times but I think the rewards are reaped manyfold in your older years. It is a little sad about the lady without a husband. I would imagine cuddling is high on the list of things you would miss.


  2. Congratulations, And very well done!
    Keep going on those dates. Makes life so much more fun!


  3. Definitely congratulations. My mother told me that it isn’t that we think the people we love are perfect – we just prefer their faults to other people’s virtues. Which works for my imperfect self.


  4. I had known my late wife for 48 years and we were married for 40 of them. It has been 8 years since she died and I feel exactly like that old lady. There is something else that needs to be said. Widows seem to manage living alone much better than widowers.

    I send you and your husband best wishes for many more years of togetherness.


  5. I agree that widows manage the loss of a husband easier than widowers cope with the loss of a wife. I’ve been trying to support a brother whose wife died recently, and have seen him go through so much pain. He is having a hard time getting his bearings.


  6. Congratulations…what a super chap!
    A friend who lost her husband a few years ago said that what she misses is that there is no back to cuddle up to in bed…when Leo is in hospital I know what she means.


  7. What a handsome young couple you were. And such an adorable couple now! 56 years of being together – now that is special! I’m sure you’d have many more words of wisdom for us young ones! 😉


  8. It is wonderful to read of long lasting love but also sad for those of us who only have memories. What a wonderful couple you make and so happy for your 56 years.


  9. I’m glad she was with you on that hard day. That she shared the meaning of the secret and unburdened her heart. What great photos.


  10. Lovely post and photos. My husband and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage in a few months’ time. As my husband said, “Are you sure it isn’t 20?!” Very blessed.


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