Winter days in Melbourne….

Frost on the ground and the cars some mornings

Tingling fingers, toes and noses some mornings

Dry sunny bright afternoons – but where’s the rain

Oh yes,  it poured during the week

Heavy wet skies, strong winds, freezing cold rain

 Gosh I’m glad I’m retired and don’t have to go to work

That would mean having to go out in it 😒😒


11 thoughts on “Winter days in Melbourne….

  1. I’m happy we don’t have rain right now. Got lots of washing dried yesterday
    And I have to go out today and organise all the tubs and clean them and put stuff away. It can rain after that lol
    And yup. Not really used to the cold!


  2. The sun is headed back your way, Cathy. Sunrise is an hour later here than it was last month. Before long, I’ll be the one complaining about winter.


  3. When we first moved here I laughed at people wearing Peruvian woolly hats with earflaps and furry jackets when the temperatures seemed to me to be like May in England.
    Today I have been looking for a jersey with the temperature at 20C


    1. we become acclimatized to where we live…same where I live in Auckland, NZ – people from further Sth, think we are mad wearing a jersey or even a woollen scarf.

      one of the problems we have up here, is when is actually “snowing” anywhere further down, there is this “dead chill wind” that just doesn’t let up – adjoining that, is usually no sun either…


  4. The cartoon is so funny, and hits the mark! Right now we are experiencing a dry season, with lots of fires on the mainland of British Columbia. That’s after months of grousing about the lack of sunshine!


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