First pick of the season…..

When I went to see B the other week I took along a few (very few) flowers from the garden.  B had ‘donated’ some tiny narcissi bulbs to my garden last year before she moved (her house was going to be razed and the block cleared by the new owner and he had given her carte blanche to take what she wanted) so I had been waiting to see if they’d take after being transplanted.

They were showing buds – but it was too early to pick them at that time – so imagine the surprise I had the other day when I noticed the little yellow blooms just ‘popping out’ of their paper like cases.

Another look yesterday had that first ‘spray’ in flower and in another bed the first of the little ‘paper white’ jonquils were out.  Even though it’s fun at the time of the year to wander the garden and see if anything new is showing up I like my creature comforts (warmth being one of them) so often bring these early blooms into the house to be appreciated inside.  That’s where my kitchen window sill comes in handy –  most of the time it’s usually fairly cool there so the blooms will last longer than if they were in the heated living room. There was just one flower in the clump of winter Iris (Iris unguicularis – The Algerian Iris) also donated by B from her enormous garden.  So that came in to join the others on the window sill 🙂  

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Window Dressing post –  These are my first picks of the season – some winter wonders to brighten up the house.  Hopefully as the season progresses there be more lovely flowers to pick and bring indoors. Enjoy 🙂

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  1. They look lovely. I wonder if it means an early spring? It would be nice if I got home and the weather turned from arctic to warm


  2. We have neighbors who treat us year round with gorgeous flowers all along their property. It is all I can do to keep from grabbing a few to bring home. Meanwhile I do have Iris and daffodils on my place.


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