Pick a day, any day….


Years ago there was a little game played in business circles called Telephone YoYo.  I’d call another practice and ask to speak to someone- not available ‘I’ll ask them to call you’ – they’d call back – ‘sorry Cathy’s not available to take your call.  And so it would go.  The yoyo string would roll up to them and down to me …..backwards and forwards and so on 🙂

I had a strong sense of going back in time the other day – I met a very old acquaintance from those days walking down Main Street in Croydon (a near by suburb) and she suggested catching up over coffee ‘one day soon’.   Mobile phones to the ready – no one in the street – we decided to check our calendars to tee up a day

I mentioned in another post about retirement being a busy time – what about this day – sorry not free, what about this one – no can’t do that one – backwards and forwards it went –  we couldn’t find a mutually free day for about 3 weeks

Determined not to let it get the better of us I asked what are you doing now?  Going home she said.  I’ve got time to spare, I said and look where we are standing.  Right outside one of the many coffee shops that line this little suburban shopping strip 🙂

The yoyo string was slack, it had stopped moving.

The coffee was great, there was lots of laughing and catching up.

And we have picked a day

one available to both of us – for our next coffee catchup 🙂


14 thoughts on “Pick a day, any day….

  1. How fortuitous that you were both free at the moment! Catching up with some people is very hard at times, nice that you are penciled in again!


  2. It’s so important to keep up with old friends! But it’s also so easy to ignore them. I’m happy that you took the time to have that coffee and visit. At our age, you never know if there will ever be another opportunity!


  3. posted a reply – connection dropped out (hard hail falling, possibly didn’t like me…) anyway I have a few friends in this type of scenario – some do not live anywhere near me although I have a friend from my more recent uni days who does, but our lives have vied away and it’s hard to “tee” up anything, we text regularly though…I saw him yesterday down in the village, but we were on differing missions…


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