Close the door……Fun Friday

I thought I’d have a bit of fun with my reading this year and ‘sort of’ set myself some little challenges.  A-Z authors and titles – different genres – that sort of thing.  Now there are some letters of the alphabet that have you wondering why on earth they are there -U, X & Z springs to mind lol  Planned lists are all well and good but it’s got to the stage now where I’m going along the library shelves just looking and that’s how I came across my letter U book.  Sounds interesting says I and popped it in the pile.  Wasn’t until I got home I realised it was a YA (young adult) on the main shelf – all part of my plan (different genre) without having to think about it 🙂

This is the book blurb:

When their ski coach pulls up at a cafe, new girl Bobby and rebel Smitty stay behind.  They hardly know each other, but that changes when they see the others coming back.  Something has happened to them- something bad.  Soon only a pair of double doors stands between those on the bus and their ex- friends outside!

When I read that this is what popped into my mind

A couple of chapters in and I’m in fits of laughter- not sure if what I think is funny is meant to be – BUT – I couldn’t have picked a better song to go with it if I tried 🙂

Friday is the day for fun – right?  – this week this was a must 🙂

9 thoughts on “Close the door……Fun Friday

  1. Laughter never goes astray.
    I have for some unknown reason been reading quite a lot of YA at the moment. And am heading off to a bookfair later today where I may well pick up more.
    Snuggle in and enjoy your day.


    1. YA seems to be an unknown pick for me EC – I see some and think there are really for teens and others seem to be for a much older reader verging on adults.


  2. Hi Cathy, it’s always beaut to have a laugh! I like your reading plan … mixes it up eh! Have a really nice weekend – stay warm ;D)


    1. Isn’t it a fun song Annie – I remembered it from years and years ago. Must ask Mr G for the back story some time.


  3. I was like you in a different kind of way earlier this year, when I decided to delve into what teens were reading, because I have a few teen-family members – I thought I might somehow get on their wavelength. I ended up enjoying reading the YA type books, I tried some of the popular ones but I couldn’t get into them – but then I realised I had to think more futuristic – then it made sense. I haven’t ever really had the chance to talk with the teens on this score, because I don’t seem to be seeing them so much (more my choice, than say theirs)…


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