Afternoon stroll – Seen in Cesme

So we were out for an afternoon stroll in the beautiful streets of Cesme- one of the Turkish ports on our 2014 Black Sea cruise – and we see a crowd of people gathered near the castle laughing and taking photographs of something.

There’s ‘a man walking his lion’ up there someone said as they passed us by. ‘ You must go and see them’.

What, a lion, there in the street?  Surely not.

Oh it’s ok – it won’t hurt you!

Meet Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Pasa (1713 – 1790) and his pet Lion

A very grand looking Ottoman sea captain, known to have been bought as a slave by a Turkish merchant, he had a long and chequered miltary career of battles lost and won.

Still in command of Turkish troops (aged 85) during the Russo -Turkish war of 1787- 1792 he was awarded the title of Grand Vizier (the highest office in the land below the Sultan) in January 1790

Honestly, it’s amazing, you never know who you will meet when you are far away from home and set out for a little stroll on a sunny afternoon.

The monument was designed by Haluk Tezonar and erected in 1974

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4 thoughts on “Afternoon stroll – Seen in Cesme

  1. Cool statue. Hard to think of something like that happening in today’s world. Imagine really coming up to that on your way to the market. Whoa!


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