Putting it all together…..

Looking at the piles of craft ‘stuff’ that came out of the box the other day I wondered what had induced me to buy/gather/collect it and all the other stuff than came and went before it.   Did I actually have something in mind, was it a bargain or did I want to be like the quilters with their philosophy of who has the most fabric wins?

Surprisingly,  when I think about it, over the years a lot of it did get used!

 I used pieces of wool blanketing I had left over from embroidered baby blankets to make needlecases.

 Some of the felt would have been for those along with tapestry wool. This was my sample made many years ago – it crops up in some photos occasionally- blanketing, piece of card and silk fabric joined and secured with blanket stitch.  Felt attached with wool strung round the spine and tied in a bow at the base.

A craft stall favourite that sold well at a time when I was hard up 🙂

Most of the items I’ve made have been given away except for a couple that hang beside the bed.  Memories of a different time and place and struggles taking place at that time.

There was a time when I needed order and structure in my life and believe it or not this book on the left provided just that.  Bargello work involved thinking – counting – quiet times. I had the canvas, the threads and unhappy days filled with quiet plus a 20yr old pattern book. An old rustic photo frame was used for the small sample I made – it’s there as a reminder that given time and patience all will come good in the end 🙂


This tattered piece of paper began my hunt for silks satins and damask materials – it also provided me with a learning experience I’ve never forgotten.  Silk Ribbon Work!!

It began the day I saw a course advertised in the window of a craft shop, just a simple floral bouquet of roses.  So needing something to cheer me up and take my mind away from whatever, I signed up straight away.  Blow the cost I said!

This bouquet of roses on damask was my first attempt at something so fine and delicate.

Now up to then my craft had always been ‘chunky’ – no 3 or 4 ply baby wools always double knit/8 ply, as little plain stocking stitch as I could get away with, lots of aran knitting and fair isle that didn’t really show any uneven knitting – wool embroidery because nobody seemed to notice uneven stitches – get the picture?  Dainty was not me 🙂


I discovered self doubt disappeared  – that given help and encouragement along with the friendship developed among the group anything was possible.

See – proof positive Catherine was capable.

 She also went on to make more – hence my need for pieces of silk satins and damask 🙂



15 thoughts on “Putting it all together…..

  1. Beautiful work!
    I’ve dabbled in a lot of these. Must be a pattern of discovery.
    Yes craft is a sanity saver and you can do it on a small budge it you have too.


  2. The smaller crafts are good for getting lost in. I really like your Bargello and your roses! You are much better than I, Cathy!


  3. Yep, that is what I found when I was tidying up to move, especially when I was sorting out items I had actually made – household items woven mostly. I hadn’t really used them much, stored for when I lived somewhere better/older/other…now I’m using them for all kinds of things.

    I’ve still not truly unpacked some stuff, as I know I need the space to house them…but I also often look at 3 old cardboardy suitcases knowing that they need my attn. These are mostly memories that should be on display but I don’t have a suitable cabinet for them…(reminder to self: need to go op-shop scouting…)


    1. Someone once told me not to start ‘sorting’ until I had storage and display ideas. Bit awkward as you never know what you are going to find and what you are going to keep.

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    1. Don’t send it my way – I’ve got enough of my own to contend with lol. Maybe you have a knitters group nearby who could make use of it.


  4. Fascinating to read about how your craft projects came about, and the help and comfort they gave you at a specific time. I have a cardigan that I began during a frantically difficult week in our family’s history. Fifteen years later and I think of that time nearly every occasion that I wear it (still quite often, though it is thinning). And like your bargello, it reminds me that with prayer and perseverence, things turn out right.


    1. Thank you Cathy. I don’t parade a lot of my handwork in public – it just seemed right in this instance. When I’m not tied up with other things I might have another go at the ribbon embroidery. Well I have to find a way to use up all that lovely silk material dont I 🙂


    1. Thanks for that Sue – since unearthing all that fabric my imagination has been in overdrive – it’s like when I’m looking at all the wool stash and seeing jumpers and cardigans. Mumbles to herself ~ ‘finish whats on the go’ 🙂


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