Is it decluttering or giving up on unfulfilled ideas?

Recently I read an online article about decluttering that suggested that you might actually be giving up unfulfilled dreams

It might seem that way to some but the other day I wondered if in my case it should be termed ‘giving up on unfulfilled ideas’

I have a small wicker chest that sits in the back bedroom, it became mine by default a long time ago after one of the girls moved out and left it behind.  This is going to be my Geriatric Glory Box I said, and promptly began to fill it with stuff I knew (thought) I’d be doing when I finally finished working and couldn’t afford it.  Example – Aida cloth for xstitch is not cheap so I’d buy it plus threads of all colours when they were on special.  Another idea was buying craft kits when they were discounted, often with a theme – at one time I was taken with country gardens and all things flowery.  I was sure I’d enjoy sewing them in later years.


As you can see being right next to the door (with the computer and all the associated ‘stuff’ The Golfer hoards) it tends to get used as a dumping ground. And things drop down the back!  I tried to move it the other day – Sorry not going to happen it seemed to say. Full to the brim looks like I’m going to have to empty it.  I discovered lots of things in there I’d forgotten about.  I knew there were embroidery hoops quilting hoops and tapestry frames in there but what did I have in mind when I bought all those small round plastic frames?

Piles of silk and damask, loads of different coloured felt, various forms of canvas and large, medium and really small pieces of the previously mentioned Aida cloth 🙂

Plus some unrelated bits and pieces – so that’s where my cat genetics book went to – and those paper patterns as well as the tiny bits of aida cloth just right for cards – and three Santa Hats ???

I did bag up some bits for the op shop – several xstitch kits being in the mix.

Just some of my unfulfilled ideas 🙂

How about yours – do all your ideas become fulfilled ?

17 thoughts on “Is it decluttering or giving up on unfulfilled ideas?

  1. I did all that at the start of the year. And amazingly I didn’t have too much stuff So I’ve been good.
    I have lots of yarn. But then again I’m constantly using that. So I guess it’s not unfulfilled. Just waiting in line for its turn in the limelight lol


    1. Well we aren’t going to mention the yarn Angela lol.
      There is a bit of that and just like yours it will get used – sometime 🙂


  2. Unfulfilled ideas … I have a shed full of them. I haven’t added to them, but they are still undone. Does that make me a hoarder? I say, out of sight, out of mind, hoping some day soon I will get to it and knowing I won’t. 😀


    1. It’s an awful feeling isn’t it Sharon, knowing something is there but you know realistically you can’t/ won’t be doing anything about it ?

      I’d forgotten half this stuff was there so wasn’t too upset when I saw it – just annoyed it had been there all that time without me realising it was there lol


    1. I have to admit there are other places in the house I’m afraid to look at. There are drawers full of table linen and the like that never gets used these days – some day I’ll bit the bullet 🙂


  3. What an interesting idea! We all have a basket, or bag, or box full of stuff we intend to complete some day. It always makes me a little sad when I come across my box of stuff, and realized I haven’t made the smallest bit of progress with it. Sometimes, I get to the point of no return with some of it, and just throw it away! And it makes me feel better to call it ‘decluttering’ LOL


    1. Aren’t we hard on ourselves at times – we beat ourselves up over such little things lol. Hopefully you ‘threw’ it in another handy persons direction- I love looking through op shops ( charity shops) in the hope I can rescue someone elses craft clutter. Doesn’t matter I have enough of my own at home ,:)


  4. Your glory box is a great idea – mine consisted of a dedicated drawer. Bit by bit the teddy-bear kits or sewing projects have been gifted elsewhere. I seem to be getting lazier all the time. Enjoy your own box! Blessings from Freda.
    PS – I am desperately needing to do some blog posting myself. I am, when I share and write.


    1. Hello Freda Lovely to hear from you 🙂
      Yes, now the glory box has had a bit of a tidy up I’m certainly going to make an effort to enjoy its contents.
      Hope to read a post soon – Thoughts on – Travels? Family? That lovely little dog of yours? Beautiful Scottish countryside? No worldwide problems though lol


  5. It’s such a relief when you can give yourself permission not to follow through on some project that seemed like a good idea 25 years ago when your eyesight was completely different!


  6. I think, that some of have said – be happy to pass them on…or if you want to recoup some of those funds “sell them” on eBay or similar (here in NZ that is TradeMe)

    When I began thinking about shifting last year, I took to my stuff – bit by bit; deciding quite ruthlessness as it turned out (but from male shifters one wouldn’t have thought so) – did find things I had forgotten about, but on the whole, what came with me still has merit – AND my dreams are not done with yet… (

    one of those male helpers was sure, I had a tent because a whole of pole like things (he couldn’t see them, well wrapped) must be poles. I hadn’t the heart to tell him what exactly they were but I did say “they’ve not tent poles” … Then as he left me alone with my chattels, he wondered out loud about the back room ( little room, stacked 6 high and with many stacks)…

    he came here a few months later to help me with something in the shed, and he raced into a back room and was surprised you could go to the windows!!! He wondered where everything was – I didn’t tell him about under bed storage (which I have since diversified and have nothing under said bed)…


  7. At least your unfulfilled ideas seem neatly organized. I spend a lot of time helping others declutter, but I still have my own little horde of possibilities, not yet realized.


    1. Neatly organised – HaHa – they weren’t when rhey came out of the box 🙂
      Don’t give up on those possibilities – pass them on – they may just be some one elses desires 🙂


  8. I did a lot of cross stitch in my 20s and thought I would get back to it in my 40s when my kid was older…now I am 50+ and saving it for retirement…I guess I’d better invest in a daylight lamp and a magnifier for when that time comes! (but it is a credit to Aida cloth and DMC floss that it is all still colour-fast!)

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