Up the road a bit and over the bridge….

If you’re looking for Vanier Park that’s where you’ll find it 🙂

Make your way out of downtown Vancouver all the way up on the right hand side of Burrard Street.  Over Burrard Bridge resplendent with busts of Captain George Vancouver and Sir Harry Burrard – Neale and there it is – down there right beside the river (English Bay).  We usually stay in a hotel on Burrard Street and I’d say it’s about a 10/15 minute walk but to give you a better idea of where it I’ve taken a screenshot (courtesy of Mr G)

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There are several museums and other places of interest there plus lots of walking tracks and space for people to enjoy themselves.

For a long time I would take loads and loads of photos when we were away and then realised I was ‘missing the moment’, so eased up and began to look at things with my eyes rather than through the camera – which means there arent huge numbers of photos to share – but hey, the memories are there inside my head instead 🙂

Anyways here are a couple from a window in the Maritime Museum.  The beach is I think part of Kitsilano and if you take the right hand walking track you’ll come to the big sculpture I showed in my last post


What I do/did like about this area – surprise – surprise 🙂 – is/are all the benches available to sit on and enjoy the fresh air looking at or wondering about the big high rise ciity buildings right there in front of your eyes.


5 thoughts on “Up the road a bit and over the bridge….

  1. Welcome to Canada, Cathy! You have come a long way…let me take this opportunity to apologize for the weather! We are all complaining about the cool, rainy spring, but you may be among the few people who enjoy it. I’m just across the Georgia Straight on Vancouver Island. I hope you enjoy your travels in our peaceful, beautiful country!


  2. Interesting post! I will have to remember this if I get back to Vanvouver,. I stayed close to the Gastown area when I was there and maybe didn’t explore enough.


  3. Looks magnificent. You might not have taken many pics. But the ones you got are brilliant xx


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