Look through any window……..

On a dry sunny winter’s day it stood there waiting
Waiting to be cut down
The last of the season
Not in its prime but still looking good

Once inside,  this little late bloomer, last one of the season, opened its heart
Sitting there on the window sill
Patiently waiting, waiting to be admired
From the inside and the outside of the window pane

Yes all the winter pruning has been done

Now to wait until spring when the roses return 🙂



13 Replies to “Look through any window……..”

  1. Very pretty. It is kind of sad when there is a last of the summer roses. Nice that it has such a prime spot to show off! 🙂


    1. There’s not much blooming in the garden at the moment Sharon so when I spotted this late bloom I had it inside quick smart because I’d planned the pruning for that day.


    1. Me too :). It’s a lovely creamy white bloom (name unknown) so it deserved to spend its last few days being admired 🙂


  2. It is always difficult for my to imagine your winter starting just as we begin summer. Hope the rose will give you a warm smile for days to come.


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