What’s in a word…..

So what does one do on a glorious sunny dry winter day?  I feel guilty saying these are the winter days I enjoy because dry means no rain and no rain is not good for Melbourne (or come to think of it anywhere else in Australia) Anyway it was so good to be sitting outside on the deck enjoying the warmth provided by our clear outside blinds instead of sitting inside trying to keep warm by the fire.

There was the Finishing up/ Making up / Sewing up of a cardigan to be done plus starting another and this was the opportune time to do it.  One more for the charity box 🙂

As I sat there knitting I kept having a funny feeling something wasn’t the same yet couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then it dawned on me I could see curtains moving in the flats at the back – don’t remember seeing that before. Then I remembered we’d cut a little tree down (a Wattle / Acacia) that had beautiful yellow balls of fluff late in the winter yet grew all straggly and split during a very windy storm earlier in the year and the owners of the flats had lopped some branches off the big gum tree.  Senior Moment 🙂





From the deck – sunny day









Now about that word – did you know today – the 2nd Saturday in June –  is World Wide Knit in Public Day?

Knitters young and old are encouraged to take their craft out of their homes, display it to the world and encourage others to learn the skill.



I didn’t exactly fill the brief properly – I took my knitting outside – but not actually in Public though.  However seeing as how my back deck might not be quite as private as it was previously perhaps my effort of neither public nor private could be be called

Knitting in Semi Seclusion 🙂 🙂

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  1. Whew! Glad I read about knitting in public in the early hours of the day so I still had plenty of time to get out for a knit! Fun to visit your blog and see that you are well and still knitting beautiful sweaters to donate.


  2. I didn’t think I’d ever say this – I’m not sure if I would like to be close enough to see curtains moving on a neighboring house. Creepy. Lordy, I have been in the boonies much too long! 🙂 It looks like a good day to knit here, if I had that inclination! Dry clear days are soooo nice!


  3. Knitting is a good way to get through the winter, though I suspect it is harder to concentrate on knitting outdoors. Too much distraction! Happy knitting, whatever the weather and wherever you are.


  4. My day started very early here with our little town having many celebrations. I attended most and expected to see knitters. Did not see a one. Perhaps the USA is not aware what today is:-)


  5. WWKIP day is a full on event-filled day in my city – there was a main event in the biggest Art Gallery in town – with satellite carb-building brunches and either bus/train into the city. There were pockets of regular Saturday cafe knit meet ups – you could decide what you wanted to do…

    (unfortunately my health status, meant I was immersed in my own house, with not knitting in sight..)

    the following day there was an Open Day combined with Spin-in at a building that houses some w/ends for Zoo group (sp/kn/wv/felt/chat)

    But again couldn’t go…

    (last year, I went on a train safari which was fun – hopping on/off (but the W-line was closed for maintenance) so us westies had to bus into city…)


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