A way with Words…..

A fair while ago, in fact many many years ago, one of my cousin’s wives (yes he had more than one) did part time modelling and was involved with an advertising agency.

I met up with him at my aunt’s house one day and after asking how Helen was he said – ‘Oh she is deeply involved in the promotion of a new perfume’.  Constant management meetings etc etc!

Anyway not long after that I was in the city browsing round Myers ( one of our large department stores) making my way out to the front entrance when who do I see but Helen.

I’m not sure about overseas department stores but here in Australia cosmetics are placed right there as you walk in.  Bright lights, shiny counters, along with well dressed, manicured, immaculately made up with hair in place youngish girls at the ready to advise which of their company’s products is ‘Just Right For You’

No, Helen wasn’t one of them – she was ‘deeply involved in the promotion of a new perfume’ – walking the floor, perfume bottle in hand, spruiking this ‘fabulous new line’ by offering sprays on the wrist (which is what they did in those days….Nowadays they wave little bits of card in front of you)

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and ‘my big girl’ mentions her daughter had found a very much needed part time job – in Costco.  (Very much needed to help pay for her newfound desire to be a pilot)  Jokingly I asked what department she would be in.

‘After training she will be the Assistant to the Cashier on the tills’  was the reply.

I’ve made The Golfer promise (if she’s working anytime we shop there) not to tease and harass our little checkout chick about making sure things are lined up properly so the cashier can scan them quickly 🙂

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  1. As a young thing I had a job in the underwear department of a local store. My brothers DID harrass me by coming in and suggesting that the styles on offer should be modelled…
    I haven’t yet (more than forty years later) completely forgiven them.


  2. It’s not where you start. It’s where you finish
    And we all started as the junior assistant to someone lol
    Sounded good anyway


  3. I had a short term sales job for the xmas sales when I was in UK – underwear. Men would come into buy a pair of something – and say “she’s about your size..” I would send them on their way with the promotional bloomers (very old, and not trendy stock) there would have beenn a lot of refunds that January – but I was long gone..;


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