7 thoughts on “Words of Advice….”

  1. Where have I been? You have been back since June 1st and I have been so caught up here that I have missed your posts. Now I have caught up and love everything from the granddaughter changes, the cat concerns,the funny signs, the t-shirts, etc. Love it all and so happy your brown shadow got some sunshine despite the intruder. Glad you are posting again.


  2. you are old – by the media… report an elderly woman of 45 was injured.

    Some of my nightmare comments comes from people who assume I am younger than I really am – and they say things like “when you’ve my age, you will understand…” they usually get a huge fright when they find out how much younger they are from me!

    my current gravatar mugshot isn’t the “current me” – it’s a few decades out of date, but I need to change the headshot so I could post somewhere else, easily..


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