Seasonal Change….

The seasons changed here in Australia on the first of June.

June is busting out all over – Here comes Summer!  

Oh Oh – wrong season. It’s Winter that arrived !  Not my favourite of seasons, and as we will be wintering at home and not Far North Queensland all I can hope is that it will be a mild one.

I had already planned (and finished) the first couple of items for this years winter charity knitting drive so dropped them off during the week.  As usual I have several more things on the go and there’s still a large amount of wool waiting patiently for its turn to shine.

 It’s also the time of the year when the little Japanese Maple shows off its gorgeous red leaves down in the back corner next to the Lasiandra.  Of course if we had a bit more sunshine it really would shine but……..

Mother Nature has been keeping the big round yellow ball hidden most of this past week. I wandered round the park today and popped into Montrose just a couple of kms away and couldn’t see the hills from either place.  The lower picture shows the hills that should be visible through those trees.  The gloomy weather didn’t stop the ducks roosting on the poles though 🙂




And this what you should see under that low cloud in Montrose – not quite in the same spot but not too far down the road.


The weather man has promised us a low of about 4c/39f tonight and a cool Sunday so I spent the afternoon making Pumpkin Soup. Enough for lunch tomorrow and the rest in the freezer but I forgot to take a photo so if you click this link to a previous post you will see what I made.

Strange as it sounds (and I’ve friends who think I’m loopy ) it’s on days like today I’m glad I’ve changed my exercise plan from the gym to the local pool  Fancy going to the pool in winter they say – well, I said, the car parking at the pool is smaller and far closer than the huge great one at the leisure centre so if Im going to get cold or wet going back to the car I’d rather it be for as short a time as possible 🙂

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6 Replies to “Seasonal Change….”

  1. Here too it is time for change. Our monsoon has hit the Southern and North Eastern states and is rapidly moving into the rest of the country. Where I live, we have already had showers and the full impact of the monsoon will be felt from the beginning of next week. Since the temperatures have come down, bit relief everywhere.


  2. Our changes tend to happen daily. Today we have had a chill wind, then sunshine then a light shower, more sunshine and finally the mother of all thunderplumps…….. I suppose it has its own charms in a way.


  3. Swimming in winter isn’t bad. The pool is inside and it’s heated. Just enough to make it pleasant
    Yup cold and dreary here too and very very foggy. Stay warm xx


  4. well it was the same seasonal change over the ditch – but since Autumn threw some curlies like in “oh you want a few storms…now it’s summer again…then it was some very frosty mornings (snowing in the South Island)…then it was back to fogs (I’m on a narrow part of NZ in the North Island)” – so I’m not all that sure on what this season will bring (I don’t think it will be very, very hot though)…


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