Best wishes to you all……..



Just a little note to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Yes I’ts been a while – I’ve been going through one of my ‘want to be on  my own’ spells, avoiding contact with people and places.  All will be right soon – as my mother used to say “Leave her alone and she’ll get over it the same way as she got into it’ 🙂

One thing I have not shied away from is getting together with some members of the choir for performances in a local shopping centre.  While most shoppers walked on by some little groups gathered to listen and then moved on as the carols finished.  There weren’t a lot of us available but seemingly the sound traveled far and wide along the shops, it was quite funny to see heads coming out of doorways to listen and then dart back inside again as well as noticing people looking on from up above.




Melbourne is due for a very hot Christmas Day (35c/95f) so the Golfer and I will be heading to the beach.  It’s a picnic for us this year, all the family are involved in different activities and we will see them another  time.  I do hope you all enjoy this Holiday Weekend with family or not – it’s the spirit of that special day that counts.

I will be back again in the New Year.  Maybe not until the beginning of February but could be before then, you never know, we’ll just see how I feel.  Looking forward to catching up with all of you then.

Bye for now

Cathy xx


16 thoughts on “Best wishes to you all……..

  1. What a great way for a choir to share the Christmas spirit.

    Enjoy the beach on Christmas Day, Cathy. It just sounds strange to Canadians to think of the beach on Christmas.


  2. Merry Christmas to you and your husband. Hopefully my New Year will be better then the last year as first my only sister died Nov. 2015 and my Mom died Oct 2016. I am just feeling okay now. I did not realize how emotionally drained I was.


  3. Merry Christmas to you, Cathy and your family. It can be a stressful time of year and it’s good to have some quiet time to get some balance back. That will probably be me in the new year.


  4. Lucky people shopping to the beautiful sound of your choir.
    Thanks for your greetings Cathy. Enjoy yourselves at the beach. See you when the time is right for you; things are best done in our own good time aren’t they ;D) Hugs, Sue x


  5. I’m going to have to say “hope that 2017 brings you joy and peace” as it’s edging ever closer to New Year here…across the ditch it wasn’t very hot/Xmas day but nor was it raining bbut it was a bit dull…


  6. What a lovely way to spend Christmas cheer!
    I hope you had an uneventful time at the beach.
    Best wishes to you and the golfer in the new year!


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