I always enjoy the first one……

Oh yes, we had the first one of the season yesterday

It was 8 months since the last one

Oh it was delicious

Not loved by all – definitely enjoyed by me!

The North Wind did blow but we didn’t get snow

It wasn’t strong- just gentle which meant:-

We got a beautiful warm sunny day where the temperature went up to 30c / 86f

As I said – the first one for quite a while

Oh joy – my bones are feeling warm again 🙂


11 Replies to “I always enjoy the first one……”

  1. We are expecting the first snow any day now. I may as well embrace it because we’ll have lots of it! Stay cool.


  2. The summer was supposed to start here three days ago….no sign of it so far. 20 degrees and mothers are clothing their children in Peruvian hats with ear flaps and fur lined jackets…


  3. Now there’s a memory. Going outside on a sunny spring day and feeling a warm breeze instead of a cold one. That is a delicious feeling. But it doesn’t last long. Before we know it the winds are hot and I’m switching the air con to cool, lowering the awning and closing the drapes. Anything to keep the heat outside where it belongs.


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