Supermoon where are you??

Over the next few days there will be loads of photos of the supermoo. This is what I saw because of cloud cover lol

. You need to click to enlarge.

13 thoughts on “Supermoon where are you??

  1. It always looks the biggest when she first comes up over the horizon. Because of cloud cover we couldn’t see her
    Oh well. There is always next time I guess


  2. I’ll be looking for the supermoon again too. We have cloud cover trying to clear right now, so I hope I get to see it. This will be my last visit here until after the holidays. I’m taking a technology break and some quiet time for me after this crazy year. Wishing you all the best. I will check back here after the new year. Peace!


  3. I took a photo just after midnight, she did look a teensy bit closer, but that may have been because she was so bright and white. I’ll have a look again tonight, but earlier, when she is lower in the sky if there is no cloud that is.


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