Did I write that?

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This weeks words are:- Noble, Shine, Expressive, Charm, Odd, Biggest  Can be used in any order.

All things considered

She’d gone along with her older sister that day – an open day at an animal refuge.

She had taken a shine to him as soon as she walked into the enclosure.

She had looked at the dog with those large expressive eyes – please take me home they seemed to say. If only, she had thought.

Later her sister pointed it out to her. An absolute bargain, her sister had said.

A bit odd shaped but so full of charm. In good condition, so many rooms and a lovely big garden. It would be the answer to all your problems.

By the end of the day she had agreed to buy the odd shaped house that had been on the market for over a year. The biggest decision she had made in her life.

Such a noble deed, her sister had said.

It would solve the dilemma of her unit lease prematurely coming to an end plus an ageing mother who needed more care. Being single meant mother could live with her.

She just looked at the sister and smiled. Noble indeed – she thought

Yes, she thought inwardly, she would bring mother to live with her but as soon as she was able she would also bring the beautiful noble looking golden retriever with the large expressive eyes to live with and share with her the biggest back garden in the street.

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  1. I am excited that you wrote for Words For Wednesday. I can’t read now because I like to wait until I’ve written mine before I read others. It does appear however that you have aced this because you grabbed me in the first two sentences.


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