It doesn’t take much to amuse me…….

I’m fascinated by this video which is doing the rounds at the moment

I’ve seen cats use their paws to ‘steal food’ from a tin or ‘catch water’ from a tap but this is different.  Pulling/dragging the bowl away from each other.

Did this come naturally or I wonder were these cats were trained to do this?

Edited later:

And blow me down if I didn’t find another one very similar on youtube.  Must be natural behaviour

11 thoughts on “It doesn’t take much to amuse me…….

  1. We had a cat that helped himself to the lovely little dogs’ food – in fact the lovely little dog stood back – then the cat promptly ate it’s own food…we finally had to change the tactics for meal-times 🙂


    1. If nothing I’m fair lol Think we all need to smile now and again 🙂
      Oh and keep your eyes peeled – as the advertisers say, but wait, there’s more!


  2. I watched both to the end thinking one of them would really fight over the milk. Polite cat battles in both. Wonder why they don’t just give them a bigger bowl so they can lap up the milk together.


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