I’ll leave the best ’til last…..

Life this week has been good.

Legs and hips have behaved themselves.  The warm water pool was warm.  I managed a short walk.

We watched ‘Sully’ at one of the local cinemas – my birthday treat.  It is one that has been fitted out with lovely big reclining seats plus footrests and big arms rests you can share.  They’ll be comfortable enough to nod off in if the movie isn’t that crash hot.  No fear of that with ‘Sully’  Thoroughly enjoyed it – a real ‘ feel good ‘ one.

The temperature tomorrow is going to be bright and sunny 21c/70f.  Sounds good – only drawback is it’s going down to 4c/ about 39f tonight.  Last night it was 2c/35f. Come on Spring, get your act together.  This messing around is not funny!!

And as promised, here’s the best. I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our family.  Meet Gt Grandson number 1.(name unknown)  He’ll be arriving early next year in a maternity ward in Brisbane.  Something to look forward to now  🙂

imageHow’s your week been?

19 thoughts on “I’ll leave the best ’til last…..

  1. Ohhhhhh exciting. How wonderful.
    Yes. It’s three in the morning right now and it’s cold.
    We have a warm water pool at our local aquatic centre. But I don’t go in there. I find the hot water makes me worse.
    Let’s hope the weather starts to get better for us soon


  2. How exciting for you! I’ll bet you will be working with a bunch of pretty blue yarn, now! It feels kind of good to know your genes are still being passed on, doesn’t it?
    The transition will be over soon and you will be able to toss that heavy blanket aside.


    1. Nothing like it in my day – we were kept guessing till D Day. That would be delivery day lol.
      Yes they are great pictures, I feel I could just reach out and touch the little one in the top left hand corner 🙂


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