Knitting the blues away on Musical Monday

I’m not really sure where last week went to but it certainly passed by at a very fast rate of knots.  Cold winter days mean I need to find lots of indoors pursuits to stop me from feeling miserable – and this past week of cold winter days was the perfect time to do the ‘finishing off’ on some children’s jumpers I wanted to donate.

You know, I always feel it’s those final things like sewing in sleeves, picking up stitches round the neckline for the neckband as well as choosing the ‘right sort of ‘ buttons that take time and need to be done when you are in the right frame of mind or the garments never have a ‘knit with love’ look.

I’m hoping the recipients of these boys knits enjoy the love packed in the parcel.


And look what I found on YouTube this week.  Who would have guessed there would be songs about knitting lol. I actually found several but this one is fun all the way along each row 🙂

Do listen carefully as Bill Odie (yes, from The Goodies) sings about knitting the blues away in a very ‘Blues’ way

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11 Replies to “Knitting the blues away on Musical Monday”

  1. You do have a talent there, Cathy! Those sweaters are so cute, I wouldn’t mind a people size version for myself. A real knit sweater is so warm and cozy!
    Goofy song, it sure did get the blood pumping.


  2. Love the little sweaters! I hipe they feel the love in the package too! And that song was certainly a spirit-lifter! Thanks for making my day so much brighter!


  3. I have bad memories of my grandmother’s knitting. I had to wear the item at least once to show it was appreciated. But those jumpers are really good. I especially like the one closest to the camera.


  4. I love those little jumpers. It’s been years since I knitted anything like that. The most I do now is scarfs which I take to the centre where they hand out stuff to the homeless.
    The song is funny, but not something I could listen to more than once.


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