Musical Monday…..

Yesterday was Father’s Day in some countries (‘celebrated’ in September here in Australia) a day that I don’t ever remember being mentioned when I was growing up in England.  Dads were Dads – they were just there lol

Music is one thing I associate with my Dad – he loved to sing.

Singing Dad

We grew up with him singing – all sorts of tunes would come out of his mouth.  Naturally with him being Irish there’d  be the silly/fun ‘diddley eye di di’ make a noise numbers, then he’d croon like Bing Crosby and then he’d come out with something like these gems.


But his most favourite of all were Josef Locke songs

So my Musical Monday (memory) is this one – hope you enjoy it.

8 thoughts on “Musical Monday…..

  1. I do love that merry Irish sound, and I remember “I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen”, but only the chorus. My stepfather often sang it when he was drunk, along with several other “pub” songs; he was always a happy drunk until he had that ‘one too many’, then he’d get a bit maudlin and fall asleep.


  2. The songs are quite familiar, Cathy. My dad did a bad impression of singing. Must have been nice to have a dad that could carry a tune. I would say that a singing father is a happy one – you were so fortunate!


  3. My sweet papa had lots of Irish blood but was more Native American. He also loved to sing and joined barbershop quartets every time we moved to a new town . Isn’t it wonderful to have memories of loving fathers who sang to us?


  4. Lovely tunes. I am not familiar with Irish music but
    sounds lively. Nice memories.



  5. Loved this post! Love Irish music, too. Thanks for sharing. I’m still on my book break and loved your comment about the searcg party. I wouldn’t worry about a search party until…um…August!


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