Six years and thirty five days……

This is purely a ‘selfish’ post – one for me to remember a loved one who has been gone for a while.

Looking through some old photo folders the other day i came across these taken early in 2010.  Kiera (our brown girl) is the last cat to come into our household and for most of her long life (16 last December) she has always had other cats for company.  Her absolute favourite companion has been Leroy – a chocolate Burmese.  As you see in these two photos wherever he went, she went 🙂



Leroy was one of those special cats that loved people.  As he got older he loved to sit on the deck watching the world go by or just close his eyes the way old fellas do.  ‘Not sleeping just resting his eyes’ lol  Yet the minute he heard voices he was there wanting to know what was going on.


And THAT was the look that told you that was just the right place to scratch 🙂


During the long hot summer 2009/2010 he would spend lots of time snoozing peacefully under the table on the deck and during early winter that year at just over 18yrs we said goodbye.


Vale – Farewell

Double Grand Premier Neuter Brookwood Bonnie Laddie

known to us as


Sire Adina Kavaier – Dam Brookwood Ranee

24 April 1992 – 13 May 2010

Loved – missed – will never be forgotten



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  1. He was beautiful and such a good friend. I often look over my pictures and tear up over all the good ‘kids’ we had. I miss them all. Aren’t you glad to have these wonderful photos of Leroy? (Such a fancy name – Leroy is nice too.)


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