The happy side of Winter

Even though I’m not a fan of Winter some things do make me feel happy.

One of them is seeing the little Japanese Maple coloured up like this on a wet miserable day.


It lives quietly at the bottom of the garden and for most of the year it’s ‘just there’ but right now in June is when it shines and gets to be noticed 🙂


It’s a shame my camera doesn’t catch the actual colouring of the leaves but I love them and always feel happy this happens now and not later.


What things do you enjoy about Winter?

Oh and Thank You for all the comments on my previous post – I haven’t had time to visit all your blogs yet, hopefully I’ll get there in the next few days.


9 thoughts on “The happy side of Winter

  1. I enjoy the cold. Feeling the cold on my cheeks when I am outside and being cozy and warm when I am inside, and……my brain works better when it is cold.


  2. Love the shot of colour in your garden. We are just out of the cold months but I keep busy with volunteer work and reading during that time.

    I hope your winter is not too harsh.


  3. We had a maple in the corner of the garden of our first house. It was just as beautiful as yours – a shining beacon welcoming us down the garden.


  4. I like winter. Crisp. Clean. I feel alive as I don’t in the sweaty season.
    I like frosts. And the elegance of tree bones silhouetted against the sky.
    And winter comfort food. And, and, and…


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