Baby it’s cold outside

It’s been a while hasn’t it 🙂

Just a little note to say I’m back

The mind is refreshed as well as the body.

Even though we came in contact with the tail end of a cyclone which meant missed ports and a rearranged itinerary we had a great time on our recent cruise.

Also a very generous cruiser shared their germs with me.  I don’t remember much of the past few weeks – there have been several visits to the GP and Chemist for pills and potions as well as lots of bed rest.

In the meantime Winter has arrived!


With a low of 4c / 39f forecast for tonight I think it might be cuddle up and keep me warm time with The Golfer 🙂

14 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside

  1. Cathy! Welcome back. Good to hear from you again, but sorry that you were sick. Wish I could give younsome of our heat, but you know sharing doesn’t work with the weather halfway round the world. Take care.


  2. So good to ‘see’ you again, welcome home. Sorry to hear you caught a germ, nasty things. I hope you get well soon!


  3. Welcome back. Yup it happens on cruise ships. Kinda people share everything. That’s why I drink purely for medicinal purposes. Kills the germs lol. Glad your feeling better


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