One extreme to the other….

One thing you can be sure of when you live here in Victoria and that is that seasons may have names and dates associated with them but Mother Nature has a mind of her own and uses her female prerogative to change her mind now and again.

Yesterday we were sweltering clothed in our coolest clothing.

This was the scene out the front of my house 8am this morning.  Much needed rain that tumbled down most of the day.

imageAlong with the rain came a very cool (read cold) day along with very strong southerly winds that had me hunting out warm winter type clothing.

Guess who had appointments that meant they had to go out and about today??

Guess who thought there was an umbrella in the car??

16 thoughts on “One extreme to the other….

  1. Lol the last two winters I bought an umbrella and put it in my car so now I have two. I’m fighting the urge to get another. At least I’m prepared. Hope you didn’t get too wet


    1. Had to ‘sit and wait’ in the car a couple of times for the heavy rain to pass. Grrr (and more unladylike language) to some drivers who don’t slow down tho’


  2. Our apartment was hot when I woke for work this morning. It was quite warm outside. At work I turned on the cooling and two hours later switched over to heating. As we say, we had a nice drop.


  3. New England weather is the same. The quote is something like, “if you don’t like the weather, wait and minute. It will change.” I laughed when newbies to the area start putting their winter stuff away in March (we’ve had a warm March, comparatively). And now, a nor’easter expected late this weekend with perhaps a foot of snow. 🙂


  4. We had an early spring but the snow is back with a vengeance this morning. Weather forecasts mean nothing here in eastern Canada. It’s come down to looking out the window to see the weather because it is so unpredictable otherwise.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. I live in the “other” Victoria—British Columbia, Canada. We are experiencing our blossom time of year, and our city is so beautiful right now. We’ve had a mild winter, and spring came early. I see that Marie Smith lives in Canada, probably on the other side of the country, possibly Ontario. Our huge continent allows us to experience differing climates from coast to coast!


  6. Rain in context is great. Here’s to more blissful weather. It is spring here in Scotland now, but it is taking a long time to arrive.


  7. Yes, that is a rather dreary photo! 🙂 I appreciate rain, however, I only want what’s necessary. I LOVE sun and I’m waiting for it to appear again. According to my area’s forecast, it will be cloudy for several days. Booo…


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