Orange and Green….

There were beds to be made, dishes to be washed, floors to be swept along with  all those other mundane household tasks that accumulate and with the promise of another hot day they seemed like mountains that had to be crossed.  Couple that with the frustation – annoyance even – of ‘losing’ a spreadsheet on my excel app on the iPad – and you can tell it could possibly have turned into one of those days spent in an armchair with a book and still clothed in my nightie come 4pm lol

But no – today was the day to celebrate all things Irish and as my Irish ancestors from both sides of the border never seemed to run away from a fight I had to do them proud and get on with it .:)

Would you like to see my chosen ‘dress’ for this special day?


This is one that I refer to as being a Joseph (as in being in many colours) and it definitely was the one for today.  Loose fitting and sleeveless and featuring the colours of Ireland!  There’s green and orange and white in the fabric which are in the Flag of Ireland (Irish triclour) – red is there as well but sadly no blue to compliment the red and white found in the Union Jack which my north of the border families would have favoured.  Plenty of the afor mentioned orange tho!


And as you can see, oodles of a bright sunny yellow that certainly helped to brighten my day in another way 🙂



13 thoughts on “Orange and Green….”

  1. I did all the chores the last few days in preparation for today. Way too hot. So I spent it watching DVDs and crafting. I love your dress. Glad you had a nice St Patrick’s day xx


  2. That’s the best shirt ever! i love it. I’m inspired now to go looking for fabrics and a pattern for sleeveless loose fitting tops.


  3. My daughter was born on St. Patrick’s Day and her name is Kelly – coincidentally. I think she needs a Joseph dress. She’s 18. Do you think she’d like one. 🙂


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