Alright I suppose….

That’s been life here recently – alright but nothing to write home about!

Computer failure – The Golfer’s little man was unavailable so he went to someone else.  Not exactly happy with his service but the PC goes now.  Alright in a fashion.

I saw two shows recently – Dawn French (live on stage, one woman show) and The Lady in the Van and even tho’ both had good reviews they left me feeling as tho’ there could have been more.  Alright I suppose but nothing to write home about!

This same feeling is what i got from the last book I spoke about (Breath, Tim Winton) in fact it’s the only one I’ve read this year.  Great reviews, highly recommended, but for me it was a stop start affair.  I got there in the end but only because I was determind to see how it ended.

Our weather (always a big factor in my life with regards to mental health) is changing.  The phrase Indian Summer comes to mind.  Lately the days have been very hot and humid and very taxing – Summer on the calender was filled with strange changeable weather and I kept wondering which season we were actually in.  Looking back at those months I suppose you could say it was alright but nothing to write home about.

Now to get out of this deep dark hole I just have to remind myself that life doesn’t always have to be go go go, rah rah rah –  ordinary and unremarkable can be good.

Now you are back and talking, think ‘Positive Attitude’ Catherine (and swim 🙂 )



11 thoughts on “Alright I suppose….

  1. Computer failure, Ugh! I feel for you. Good to see you back!
    Has been ages since I saw anything on a stage. Sorry you are not that enthusiastic.
    There are books ‘out there’ that really should be put down – literally. 🙂
    I think we are both in transition weather, first cold, windy and damp and then turning the A/C on. Goes in spurts.
    By all means, Cathy, swim! 🙂


  2. I forget you are in the southern hemisphere sometimes. While we are excited by spring you are headed into autumn.

    The weather is so unpredictable these days. Wishing you the weather you enjoy and something which inspires you to come into your life.

    Have a great week.


  3. I was intending to go and see, “Lady in the Van” in Gold Class seats but having read your impression maybe I’ll look for something better, I’d hate to waste the gift tickets n something disappointing.


  4. Oh for heaven’s sake, sod positive attitude or thinking.That’s what I tell myself. Sometimes it’s as false and contrived as anything else we talk ourselves into just because some guru or other says so. Being depressed is no fun but I don’t really want to feel guilty about it as well.

    The dark days come and go, I know that only too well. My hole is getting shallower and the black dog isn’t quite as threatening as it was.

    It helps that the weather is brightening. Yours is the opposite, I realise that, but don’t you always have bright skies? Just think how lucky you are.

    I hope the next film, book, outing, activity will be all that you hope they are and tell that black dog to go bark at someone else’s door for a change.


  5. Shame about the computer, glad it is “alright” now, I am such a fan of Dawn French and have followed her for years but haven’t seen her live.
    I hope you feel more positive now, I had such a blah day yesterday and thankfully I woke up feeling a lot cherpier this morning.
    X Dawn


  6. I live for ordinary and unremarkable. My 13 year old granddaughter has been her for Spring Break and it has been delightful but I am ready for some rest:-)


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