Busy doing nothing…..

Trying to stay out of trouble by not doing much  – that’s what I told a friend when she rang to see where I was and what I’d been up to 🙂

After the tooth removal the dentist suggested walking rather than going to the pool for a couple of weeks – ‘no idea what’s in the water’ he said.  So I’ve done a bit of walking and one day had a chat with one of the local cockies.  You’d never believe what he told me – I’ll let you in on that another day lol(




And to make a change The Golfer and I walked round the lake at Lilydale (2.5km) where we saw all these little sail boats in the water.  They say keeping active and having a hobby helps in retirement, well the ‘older men’ and their remote controlled yachts were having a whale of a time.




imageThen we welcomed another granddaughter into ‘true adulthood’ – keep it low key was her wish and an ice cream cake with a 21 candle lol   She’s off on a cruise next week – girl after my own heart lol



Then we enjoyed (read that as really enjoyed) a chrissy present in a theatre with a very bare set complete with moveable furniture (four rows from the front). spending the night in a room with a view 🙂




imageIt was waiting for the tram after dinner at the club up at the other end of Bourke Street I realised the month was half way over.  See the moon reflected in the building?  New Year’s Eve there was a full moon – this one was just a half !



imageSo that’s it – life in retirement is like this.

We’re busy doing nothin, working the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do!

We’re busy going nowhere, isn’t it just a crime, we’d like to be unhappy but never do have the time!

(Jimmy Van Heusen + Johnny Burke)

13 thoughts on “Busy doing nothing…..

  1. Loved the photos, especially the half moon in the glass. Everything looks so springlike whereas we are in the frozen north up here. Enjoy your beautiful countryside. Blessings from Freda


  2. nice to hear from you Cathy! I saw these 4 senior ladies at a restaurant having such a good time laughing and chatting with each other! It can be a lovely stage of life I thought.


  3. Our swimming pool at the fitness center keeps getting contaminated and closing for weeks at a time. I just walk and or ride exercise bike but have given up on swimming. Here I am trying to comment again. We’ll see how it goes.


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