It’ll come together in the end…..

At the end of 2014 I showed you some of the knitting I was doing for KOGO
– Fair isle jumpers for little lads.

Bear and Lion KOGO

Well, like with most things that have mundane tasks associated with interesting ones (like plain knitting and fair isle) I’m full of good intentions but sometimes fall short of producing the goods.

As you no doubt have guessed knitting the backs and sleeves became a bit of a chore, so these were put to one side and promptly forgotten 😦

But look here – guess what happened over the past few weeks when I was having a bloggy break.   All the pieces came out and were stitched together, necks were added and hey presto!  These will be going to the charity come the cooler weather 🙂


And so I really don’t look like a loser I found enough browny coloured wool to do another along the same lines.  No actual pattern as size was from one set of instructions and the Koala chart from something else.  Just required a pencil and paper to do a bit of working out first and then some dedicated needle time.  Front and two sleeves finished now just the back to tackle.


And the book – looks like my reading mojo might have returned as well.  

First one for the year, Breath written by Tim Winton (Australian author).

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is going to be hot so I might be turning page 1 sometime during the day.  Glass of cool (anything) close by.

17 Replies to “It’ll come together in the end…..”

  1. Oh wow. They are fantastic. I’ve started reading again. Sometimes even with the aircon on its just to hot to deal with yarn. I’m reading the fifth wave. It’s coming out in cinemas this year. I always like to read the book first. Well done you xx


  2. Very nice jumpers. I can’t do more than plain knitting, adding in a picture is impossible for me.
    I haven’t read anything by Tim Winton. Yet.


  3. Very nice! Bravo for such lovely work and for a good cause. And isn’t it wonderful to want to read again? I have been enjoying some novels by Beaton (Scottish detective) and another UK writer Sarah Vaughan “The Art of Baking Blind” and a new John Grisham. It is lovely to walk into the library and walk out with something in my arms.


  4. Lovely knitting. I have never enjoyed intarsia, so would have done everything but the fronts and left them!


  5. Just wonderful…all three. And yes, I see the book peeking out. I have a new author to try too. Who knows what world’s I will find.


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