Come, sit and rest awhile…. Sunday Selections

 Benches I have seen – a Selection on Sunday

from a Canadian trip in 2010.

Benches built to last – controlled by the climate

(made of metal – think ‘snow)

~ ~ ~ ~

‘Just right for a sit down’ seen in Calgary, Alberta

A lovely table and bench arrangement ( complete with flowers) seen on one of the main streets.  Each time we passed by it was empty, not a soul to be seen.

Calgary 2010

‘Circle for friends’ seen in Vancouver, British Columbia

Actually, half a circle by the walking path of a park whose name escapes me.

Vancouver 2010

‘Cold hard facts’ on the ferry to Newfoundland

These were on the deck of the car ferry we took from Sydney Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques in Newfoundland.  It was a first time crossing for my friend Bonnie as well as me so she wanted a day sailing, ‘so I can see where I’m going’ she said!  Once you leave port it’s about 6-8 hours in the Atlantic Ocean so there was a lot of sea to be seen 🙂

Ferry to Newfoundland 2010

‘A real circle for friends’ in Vancouver

I was going round and round in circles when I saw these outside the Pan Pacific hotel near Canada Place.  It was a bit cool that day and there were no sitters watching the world go by.


‘Inside or out – decision time at the bus stop in Calgary

‘Seize an opportunity’ seemed to be the idea in mind with these advertising boards on the back of the bus stop benches near the train station.  Not sure the reason for the temp guage, not a nice reminder during winter lol


River at Drifting through Life is the keeper of the Sunday Selections meme.  No real rules – post some photos on a Sunday – link back to River.  Try to visit some of the other participants.



Elephant’s Child


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14 Replies to “Come, sit and rest awhile…. Sunday Selections”

  1. Comfortable looking benches. I would like the ferry one and those facing in Calgary, although about now, I imagine seating would be quite chilly.


  2. We saw similar in Toronto as in the first photo. I was surprised to see so many permanent outdoor seats when for much of the year they won’t get used.


  3. My parents are travelling to Canada this year, I will have to start doing some research for them.. 🙂 But I have zero idea of where exactly they are going or staying yet..


  4. What fun to see your photos. I think the benches in Calgary are very attractive, particularly with the flowers. I would enjoy a sit there. And ddespite the 6-8 hours of nothing but sea to see, the ferry benches would call to me.


  5. Great topic, sometimes we look but do not see if that makes sense,we have a few of the metal benches in town and they are usually taken up by shop/office workers grabbing a bite to eat or elderly folks having a rest,they are hard and cold but people do not seem to mind. x dawn


  6. I’ve only just found this post and the one above, I realise now you’re not on my bloglist, I’ll fix that.
    I love the seats under the trees, but the ones in a half circle are better I think. The ones on the ferry are very angular, but probably, (hopefully) comfortable.


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