Believable or not……

There are all sorts of little sayings, quotes, and blessings (often attributed to the Irish) to be found in print and on the internet.  I’m sure lots of them have been around in some form or another for many years but quite a few seem to have been recent modern versions. In fact some websites seem to come out with more and more of them each year – interesting and fun reading (true or otherwise)

This is a well known one – a traditional Irish blessing.  I have never seen or heard anyone dispute its origin (unknown)


I came across one on a fellow bloggers site the other day – the words are very similar to each other except in this case they are noted as an Apache blessing.


I had never seen or heard the words before (which do have a nice pleasant feel to them) so had a little time with Mr G and found a person (well, I did actually find more than one) who actually debunked the idea of any native Indian having spoken the words at all.  Seems it originated in a 1950’s movie.  Wikipedia suggests the same as well.

It’s not an Apache blessing, it’s just a Hollywood script

Surprise Surprise, just by coincidence while I was searching for something unrelated yesterday  I found this tucked away in a box of ‘treasures.  An old touristy handkerchief highlighting that same Irish blessing, given to me by my Dad at the time we emigrated (1972).  Obviously used at some time, bit of stain on it but laundered and stashed away as a keepsake.  Corny or otherwise, a gift from my Irish dad, it brought a smile to my face.  Will have to wash and iron it again, this time rather than toss it in the box I’ll find something else to contain it (and then pop it in the big box)


“May The Road rise up to meet you” is about God’s blessing for your journey – may your walk be an easy one – with no huge mountains to climb or obstacles to overcome.
It alludes to three images from nature – the wind, sun and rain – as pictures of God’s care and provision. The “wind” can be likened to the Spirit of God, who came as a “mighty wind” at Pentecost.  The suns warmth in the prayer reminds us of the tender mercies of God, “by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven” (Luke 1:78, NIV), whilst the soft falling rain speaks of God’s provision and sustenance. Finally, we are reminded that we are held safe in God’s loving hands as we travel on our journey through life. As such this prayer is a good blessing for wedding ceremonies.

What are your thoughts on this Monday?

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  1. It doesn’t matter who wrote them. They are beautiful. Maybe turn the tea towel into quilted wall hanging. Then you can hang it up and look at it everyday xx


  2. Thank you for sharing the Blessings – we need to remember that we are valued, especially at this time of year with so many problems around. Blessings from Freda


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