Here I am….

Having spent the past few weeks resting up, thinking about life and enjoying the ‘season’ I’m back to say ‘Hello, how are you, how’s things, how ya going?’

Thank you for all your kind thoughts on my last post – I had a couple more little hiccups during my time away, all is well now, and that means there’s only one place for me to go from down there and that’s where I’m off to 🙂

See you on the other side (of the New Year that is)



Happy New Year to you all

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  1. Hi Cathy! How lovely to see that you visited my blog! Best wishes to you in 2016. I like your graphic with the positive attitude. That’s what I trying to keep through this terrible ordeal of GN’s accident. Pedestrians hit by automobiles running red lights aren’t often as lucky as GN. I wish you and the Glofer a very happy new year.


  2. Got muddled with where to comment. I hope it didn’t puzzle you too much. Happy Blogging whenever you feel like it!


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