Not a good day…..

Published 2pm Melbourne – 4am Paris

No post today

Nothing going on in my life could be anything like life in Paris today

Nothing could match the horror of the past few hours in Paris

For good reasons and for bad

this will be the number one news item on every media platform


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  1. I have a friend who lives in between the Bataclan and rue de Charonne, and not so far from the other restaurants where killings occurred. He is safe, but was shattered when I chatted to him this morning. It is not only those killed, but those who mourn their deaths, the injured, the emergency services and passers-by who helped or saw the carnage we need to think about now.


  2. I saw some of this on the TV news and cried. Why can’t these people see they are hurting themselves and their own futures as much as they are hurting others?


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