Untangling things………..

Even though this looks very much like her, this is not our Kiera.   It’s not the sort of activities our very mature 15yr Brown Burmese gets up to nowadays however a much younger Kiera was known for performing tricks just like this 🙂

imageNo tangled knitting wool here at the moment but I do seem to have spent the past few days untangling lots of other little niggly things that have been going on around here.
Such as:-

I’m still having problems commenting on blogger blogs.  some of the WVerification seems to hate me – I write a comment, go through the WV hoop, press publish and my words disappear.  So if anyone wonders why they don’t hear from me – thats most likely the reason why.

Our internet seems to have been ‘fixed’ – more peak and off peak for less cash, not sure how that happens but The Golfer assures me it will.  Hopefully I will be able to visit others more often and also publish more ‘photo’ posts.

Monday I ‘updated’ my mobile phone handset from a little Samsung flip type to one of those new fangled Android type thingys.  It is great for texting because it has a ‘proper’ keyboard and I’m not spending time picking out the letters on a tiny key pad (that has letters and numbers combined) one at a time and then getting the numbers mixed up with the letters and having trouble with capitals even tho’ I know no-one uses capitals in texts lol

The Golfer had a ‘little play’ with it last night – seeing if it would connect to our home wifi.  Bad move because even tho’ he turned things off when he finished, from then on I kept losing money from my balance.  Still happened even when turned off overnight so off to the Telstra shop I go today.  Seems there was one more setting that should have been turned to off.  Hopefully all is untangled now.

There is no oomph in this post is there – lets hope things are more satisfying from now on – and I don’t have anything to grizzle about

16 thoughts on “Untangling things………..

  1. Welcome to the Android world, there are.so many apps out there but you have to be careful as stuff runs in the background using your credit, I have a cheap.terrific.with unlimited. Stuff my hubby. Doesn’t and it us annoying when he has to keep turning things off,I was very reluctant. To get a touch screen I miss my blackberry but of course. I can do so much more on my android x Dawn


    1. At the moment Dawn it’s a learning process that’s going on. All I really need is the talk and text part, the extras appeal to The Golfer. I will admit after just two days the touch screen is certainly the draw card!


  2. Cathy I wonder, do you have a gmail account for commenting on blogger? That might be worth a try if you do not use one – mine always knows who I am and it doesn’t bug me with word verifications. 🙂


    1. No gmail – I sometimes use an old Blogger account to comment and add a link to w/press blog. Even have trouble with that at times lol. Here’s hoping ‘this too will pass’


  3. I still have a Samsung flip phone and I’m dreading the day it dies and all I can get is one of those smart phone thingies. All I want is to be able to send and receive text messages. I have no need for apps for every (damn) thing out there.


    1. I have to admit I liked the size and convenience of the little one plus having the flip cover on it was reassuring as well. Talk and text is all I need as well – there were extras on the old phone but I never used them


  4. I am a firm believer in ‘give us this day our daily whinge’. Sometimes it is necessary.
    The WV thingie is getting to me too. On random blogs.
    Here’s to less frustrating days ahead.


    1. Lol the only thing that tangles yarn here now is me – and it’s not a game trying to fix it !
      Mind you there’s a certain feeling that comes seeing a neatly wound ball after being presented with a tangled mass. I will admit to making a mess if I’ve pulled stitches off needles in anger aka as frustration 🙂

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  5. I read a story not so long ago about iphones. If you are watching say a You Tube video on your phone using wi-fi and the signal becomes weak and video is at risk of pausing, the phone automatically switches over to your phone data. People could not understand why they were blowing out their data allowances. It doesn’t happen with android and I believe it can be switched off on iphones but it is on by default.


  6. I am having endless trouble commenting on Blogger posts too. Sometimes I wonder if Blogger and WordPress intentionally antagonize each other’s users! The Google+/Gmail option works sometimes and if all else fails I post as anonymous and sign my name.


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