What troubles you?

Are you feeling a bit down?

Needing a bit of a facelift?

Do you feel things are sagging?

Have you become a bit droopy?

Do you get a sinking feeling when things are a bit heavy?

You keep going for so long and then things snap?

Don’t worry it’s going on all around us

Even the best suburban gardens have their fair share of age related incidents

And I’m happy to say there is an easy cure for all this

I’ve heard it’s readily available at the Big Green Barn


The Hills Hoist in my back garden is showing signs of all these symptoms and can’t wait for the cure to come to our house.

Restringing along with a scrub down will commence maybe as soon as Thursday





9 Replies to “What troubles you?”

  1. Lol yup mine got a nip and tuck just a few weeks ago. And she’s good to go for a few more years yet. New line and all!


  2. Sadly the hills hoist I had before my present one was unrepairable. The DDs and DsDs had a teenage/early 20s combined party and put a tarp over the clothesline where the buffet was set up (grog and chips!). When the party wound up early am, they left the tarp up…then it rained. And water pooled in the tarp. When I awoke my clothes line was bent over touching the ground!


  3. Nice! I just have a plain line outside….and a Sheila Maid on thebalcony…or I did until one of the dogs became enthusiastic when left to his own devices too long and brought the whole contraption down on himself…


  4. There are two hills hoist lines in the backyard behind the flats, old, creaky, droopy lines, infested with spiders and the ivy growing over the fence from the yard next door has to be cut away from the line before I can hang anything. So I don’t bother. I have a small fold away camping line set up in the back porch, it holds a full wash load if I only do clothes. Sheets and towels are trickier, I have to fold the sheets into quarters and turn them often so all sides dry.


  5. I exercise at home and go to the gym almost every day to work out and to swim. Things are firming up except for the flab on my upper arms. Some things age just holds onto.


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