Sunday Selections – Feeding time at the……

It appeared to be feeding time at the pond when I was there last time.  Oh she’s not going there again I hear you say, but you’ll just have to humour me and try to answer the question I’m going to ask in a minute.  Now from what I read these Black Pacific ducks I introduced you to a couple of weeks ago are ‘dabblers’ they feed close to the surface of the water and they do that by tipping over so their head is in the water.

The two adults below were swimming around close to a reedy area off to one side when they started nosing about just under the surface.  And then hey presto in one swift movement it was up and over or should I say head down bum up Lol  I stood watching him paddling his? little feet in the water then drop down to nose about in the stirred up murky stuff.  You can just make out the muddy coloured stirred up water in photos

Photos enlarge with a click




And what about the little Pacific Black ducklings swimmimg about there with Mumma Duck?  Do they still feed on land or do they dabble?


For a little while some of them were on the shore line, (love the big Purple Swamphen swimming nearby).  I’m not sure how old they were but their feathers still seemed to have a fluffy look to them.



Then Mumma appeared with more of the group (along with another adult) and tipped over/dabbled close to them. And then to my surprise look what those on the shoreline did! Can you see some little heads in the water and some little bums in the air?


imageNow my question is (for any duck owners out there) is dabbling done by instinct or is it learned behaviour?

Sunday Selections is a weekly meme hosted by River at Drifting through Life as a means of showing photos that have not already been featured on the blog.

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Selections – Feeding time at the……

  1. Dabbling to feed is instinct as is feeding on land looking for little bugs etc. Mom is there is protect them as best she can. Early on she keeps them warm until they are able to regulate their own temperature…Michelle


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