The day that the rain came down….

On a cool wet Friday (that would have been yesterday lol) here in the eastern suburbs the hairdresser rang  just before lunchtime to say ‘ they have no power and could you please come another day’; so what do you do to cheer yourself up.  Eat of course :). Check the fridge for something, no, better still check the freezer because there is something very comforting lurking within.

The Golfer was out enjoying the delights of walking in the rain while chasing a little white ball so it  was lunch for one – well in my mind that’s what it was to be but Kiera (my shadow) had other ideas lol  Table is set, just a little waiting and watching to do.


Waiting for the kettle to boil and watching my Pumpkin Soup doesn’t burn 🙂


All set now to sit, sip, savour a serving of a very easy recipe from one of my old Annette Sym’s cook books

‘Symply too good to be true 1’




11 Replies to “The day that the rain came down….”

  1. Looks like Kiera has more on her mind than watching and waiting. Or maybe pumpkin soup is not the best sustenance for kitties. I’ve enlarged the picture, and think I might try the recipe!


  2. I love your tablecloth with the lace runner as placemat. I haven’t had pumpkin soup for quite some time, two years or more. It will have to wait until next winter.


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