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Being cut back…..

Whe you look at the enormity of life it may seem like a small thing

but to me it is ginormouse


I don’t like being throttled by our ISP


So after being on a very generous plan for the last few years – The Golfer did a bit of reasearch and changes Will be happening SOON.  Seems weekends and Public Holidays don’t count as working days tho’!

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  1. There are always deals going. Hope you find one to suit you. Isn’t it amazing how much we now use the Internet and how lost we are without it lol I have to admit I’m addicted to it lol


  2. I must be incredibly dumb Cathy…I read the article at that link and am completely confused! Is your provider cheating and are you being overcharged?


    1. Not being cheated Maria or being overcharged, just getting slow speed because we have used all our fast speed allowance. The Golfer downloads lots and it’s only the second time this has happened , more a nuiscance than anything else and makes you appreciate the fast speed. The new billing month starts in a couple of days but we hope to be on the ‘new plan’ by then


      1. Even though all the children have left home by now, 10 years ago we had the go slow problem because the little minxes would download music, movies etc. so we eventually found a plan with optus for an incredible amount of download for a reasonable amount. Stop all the angry whingeing from me!!! Lol


    1. Well if The Golfer hadn’t been so greedy 🙂 he could have had a little bit more control lol. Hopefully the new plan will better suit his needs (and not produce the friction there’s been in the house this week 🙂 )


  3. I think more companies are doing this. Remember my grousing about the ‘dial-up’ speed of my net when I had Hughes? They would penalize if you went over their “allowance” ( which was often – with two surfers on the net)


  4. I’ve recently discovered that my provider is charging the same amount for 5GB less than previously, so I’m looking around for a better plan, hopefully with the same provider.I’ve always done pre-paid, but it may work out cheaper now for me to switch to a monthly plan.


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